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Activate your soul code

In this 2 hour session we will articulate the business blue print in your DNA. You will be led through a series of exercises to reveal the attributes unique to your full expression so that you may connect with the customers who are looking for you. This is a more personal session based on articulating your superpowers.

Based on your soul’s code, you will leave the session with your:

  • Lifeline - what you need to maintain a healthier, happier quality of life day-to-day
  • True North - a personal mission statement to guide you
  • Spirit Manifesto - core values based on your soul code - unique to you and your business
  • Superpowers - your natural go-to strengths and an understanding of how to leverage them at work and in life.

You will be asked to complete a written assessment and take an online assessment tool prior to your session.

The  following course is a rigorous undertaking that will leave you with greater clarity about:

  • What is special in how or what you do.
  • Your ideal customer (it may not be who you think it is).
  • Specific language to express your positioning and attract that customer.

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