Karyn PettigrewMotivate. Inspire. Inform.

Whether it’s to motivate, inspire or inform, Karyn’s presentations and seminars are engaging, lively and full of discovery. They center on the belief that the quality of your external experience is result of your internal alignment.

The Beyond Blind Spots topics range from business to personal, and from the strategic to brand to the mind-body relationships in business. There are no limits to the application of Karyn’s principles, which can be customized for in-company presentations and executive development programs. But, don’t take our word for it — take a look at our diverse and auspicious list of clients or view some of Karyn’s client testimonials, below.

Excerpts from “Creating Space,” presented by Karyn Pettigrew
Hosted by the Women’s Leadership Exchange and IKEA

~ Barbara Brigance, National President
ATT Community NETwork