Julie Casserly, Founder/CEO JMC Wealth

Julie Murphy Casserly
Owner of JMC Wealth Management

Many small business owners strive to implement their vision. In today’s world, everything moves at such a fast pace. We become not only derailed from our personal and business mission and vision, but also our mission and vision becomes clouded. This is where Karyn Pettigrew comes to the rescue.

Since working with Karyn, I have increased my revenues from my firm by 30%. My work with her is far from done. I’ve always had this “itch” that I wasn’t fulfilling my life’s purpose. Karyn allows you to be EXACTLY who you are, as opposed to coaching you to fit into a certain box in your industry.

I met with Karyn in a group format with four other business owners and individually on a regular basis. Karyn has assisted me in truly zoning in on my intuition, mission, and vision, and the most important part, actualizing it all! She helps me to get out of my own way.

As mentioned, our world has so many options and they are all coming at us at a very fast pace. This is what makes Karyn very different than many business consultants I’ve used over the years. She’s taught me that running a business is a personal experience.

She offers not only marketing advice, but mental clarity. I’ve released all of the items in my life, physical and non-physical, that don’t serve my personal and business mission. Think of those things as a tangled web. We untangle the web one knot at a time and uncover a very direct vision of my desires. It’s exhilarating!

I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. As one of Karyn’s sayings goes, “Thank you, more please!”

About Julie Murphy Casserly: Julie Murphy Casserly, CLU, ChFC, MBA, CFP(r), is a 15-year veteran of the financial service industry. She considers understanding each client’s personal life strategy, goals, and dreams to be the key that that enables her to create truly personalized financial plans. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Julie also earned an MBA from The University of Notre Dame.

About JMC Wealth Management: JMC Wealth Management, Inc. is a ten-year old Chicago-area provider of wealth advisory and financial management services that assists hundreds of clients in applying personal strategies and goals to their financial planning and management needs.

Julie Murphy Casserly
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Dr. Lynn Locklear, Life Enhancing Dentistry

Success Stories

Dr. Lynn Locklear
Black Enterprise Small Business Innovator of the Year

In May 2006, I was named Black Enterprise’s Small Business Innovator of the Year. As a result, many now look to me for business advice and guidance. How do I know when I’m on the right track, doing what I am meant to do, being who I’m meant to be? Because these are times that my life unfolds with grace and ease. Life shows up like the symphony from a master composer.

My good friend and consultant, Karyn Pettigrew, calls it living in ALIGNment, Attracting the Life you want by Inviting Grace Now. What does this mean? It means learning to live consciously. What we often forget is that our negative thoughts have power too, so we must take care to screen our habitual thoughts and make sure that the positive ones predominate. Karyn, through her consulting, reminds me that business goals do not have to be forced; that clear, focused, thinking repeated often enough translates into belief.

The key to my success is receptivity, vision, follow through. Karyn led me in 2002 to re-create my traditional family dental practice into what I call “Life-Enhancing Dentistry.” Our mission is to significantly enhance the quality of people’s lives in a way that is meaningful and lasting.

At the time I didn’t know the details, but as Karyn reminds me, my job is to hold the vision so that the “puzzle pieces can appear.” As I held the vision of performing Life-Enhancing Dentistry, I was led to the Las Vegas Institute, which offered extensive training in the fields of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, both fields of dentistry which had the capacity to significantly transform lives. This is where the follow-through and faith were needed.

Over the next three years I completed over 350 hours of training and integrated these new skills into my practice. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on continuing education, equipment, and renovations. Using the principle of attraction, I hired a completely new staff of four, all of whom showed up at my door without any external advertising. In 2005, my gross revenues went up by four hundred and forty seven thousand dollars despite having dropped my part time dental associate.

In January of ’06, Karyn led me to submit for The BE Award. When I learned that I had won the award, I knew that the honor would pave the way for the unfolding of my next calling, the formation of the Gift of a Smile Foundation. While I have had no experience working in the non-profit arena or with a Board of Directors, with Karyn’s help, I continue to hold the vision of an organization whose mission is threefold: 1) Image Enhancement; 2) Life Skills Training; 3) Career Training.

Once again I’m in the position of not knowing the how, but “the Invitation” has been submitted and Karyn continues to encourage me, reminding me that all that is left for me to do is to expect the perfect people and opportunities to show up to make this project soar! I am so very grateful for her and the work that she is doing to help people like me live our best lives and inspire others to do the same!

Contact: Dr. Lynn Locklear at toothdoclock@gmail.com