VIP Intensive Retreats

The Dana Hotel – Chicago

If you want to focus quickly on a specific area, and don’t need the support of a full coaching program, a VIP Intensive Day could be for you.

  • 1 Day Retreat at a Boutique Hotel or Resort: I’ll connect the dots with intuitive insight and candid feedback. Together we’ll deep-dive on the issues and opportunities discovered in your Business Assessment. You can take your business to the next level; all while simultaneously awakening the more joyful, empowered, mission-driven CEO within you.
  • Take Action Now! Plan: This written plan will outline the most important actions to take immediately
    to revive your business and your spirit! It will be emailed to you
    within 24 hours of the session.


Typical topics for a VIP Session Include:

  • Clarifying Mission and Vision
  • Refining Package Offerings
  • Clarifying “A” Clients
  • Naming Your Expertise


“Not only did you help me gain some clarity, but you gave me a game plan and some peace of mind.”

~ Tim Wang, 3 Pillars Wellness Center

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