Pull out the Blackhawks in your business

Posted on July 22nd, 2015 | Category Value Creation

Duncan Keith in Harris Bank Ad

First of all, “GO HAWKS!” I live in Chicago and the place went crazy the other day when the Blackhawks came home with the Stanley Cup. I was reading an article in the Sun-Times that said, “the champs are hot, crowding out the Sox and Cubs in ads and appearances.”  Well yes, everybody wants a piece of a winner. Its goodwill by proximity – the hope is that just being close will cast a halo effect. Right now, advertisers are hoping that an association with the Hawks will help them with what my system labels Value Keys #1, #5, and #6; Improve the top line, Help clients look like stars, and Help the client feel the value of the relationship, respectively.

Guess what, you can pull out the “Blackhawks” in your business and garner some profitable goodwill too, but  remember, for the value keys to work, you MUST DELIVER THE GOODS.  The Hawks delivered.

What value are you creating? Yes you have a good price and good quality, but so do 100 other businesses that do what you do. Differentiate. Claim your niche.  Customers want the halo effect, they want to feel good about their association with your business. Try pushing out on the 3 value keys in this article, Can you help your customers improve their top line? Can you help them look great to their customers or peers? Can you help them feel relief in anyway, and therefore value your relationship even more? I think you can.

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